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Privacy Policy

2018 Nike Shoes Store will never share customer information with a third party. All order data is securely processed to complete the order and confidentiality is guaranteed. Best Sport Shoes Store does not access to any customer payment information. All payment information is securely processed by our Payment Processor and they are prohibited in using your information in any other way but to only charge you for the order. Respect personal privacy of the members is a basic policy of the mall website. Therefore, website will certainly not public, edit or reveal members' registration information and the non-public content stored in the mall website without lawful authority, unless there are legal licensing requirements or it is necessary that our mall website disclose such information on the basis of integrity in the following four conditions:


1. To comply with the law, to comply with the legal service program in our mall website.


2. Maintain trademarks ownership of the mall website.


3. Safeguard privacy safety of members individuals and public in case of emergency.


4. Consistent with other related requirements.